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What is Glazing and Why It’s Important

Glazing refers to the windows in your home, which include both openable and fixed windows, as well as glass doors and skylights. Glazing refers to the glass component, it is commonly used to refer to all aspects of an assembly, including glass, films, frames, and furnishings. Paying attention to all of these factors will assist you in achieving an effective passive design.

Glazing allows in light and fresh air while also providing views that connect interior living spaces to the outdoors. Energy-efficient glazing improves the comfort of your home while significantly lowering your energy costs.

Glazing Options from Sydney Woodworkers

Sydney Woodworkers has flexible glazing options for many of its products and can offer specialised glass where required for restoration, sustainability or bushfire compliance. Customised solutions can be provided to meet specific architectural needs including privacy, insulation and sound reduction targets.

Special glazing requirements may include Energy efficiency, noise reduction and bushfire regulations. Ask us for options on how to achieve compliant glazing.


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Available as safety glass suitable for door glazing

clear glazing

Clear and e-Glass

white translucent glazing

White Translucent

soft white laminated glazing

Soft White

shoji glazing


nfp frost glazing

NFP Frost

acid etched glazing

Acid Etched

grey tint glazing


super grey glazing

Dark Grey

oceanic glazing


cathedral glazing


spotswood glazing


satin lite glazing


new flemish glazing

New Flemish

narrow reeded glazing

Narrow Reeded

broad reeded glazing

Broad Reeded

rough cast glazing

Rough Cast

desert sand glazing

Desert Sand

glue chip glazing

Glue Chip

Window Glazing Only. Not readily available as safety glass.

wissmach flemish glazing

Wissmach Flemish

hammered glazing


florentine glazing


jap daisy glazing

Jap Daisy

sparkle glazing


granite glazing


sea drift glazing

Sea Drift

white artico glazing

White Artico

green artico glazing

Green Artico

amber artico glazing

Amber Artico

blue artico glazing

Blue Artico