Folding Doors

A folding door opens by folding inward or outward rather than swinging on hinges, like a typical door does. These doors are frequently used to save space and provide a practical alternative in regions with insufficient space for a swinging door. Folding doors are often made up of numerous panels connected by hinges, which allow them to fold neatly when open and unfold to hide the doorway when closed. They are widely used in closets, room separators, and other applications where a sliding or swinging door would be impracticable. Folding doors are available in a variety of materials, styles, and designs to accommodate varied architectural and aesthetic preferences.

Folding Multifold Doors

Sydney Woodworkers Hinge off Hinge Action Folding Doors can be an ideal solution for smaller openings to restrictive patios and thorough fares where the ability to stow the doors flat against the external wall is an advantage. Our unique integral spring loaded bottom roller supports reduce susceptibility to sag and improves stability.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Hinge of Hinge Systems are not technically equivalent to overhead track multifold systems. They are prone to sag over time and more susceptible to problems to movement in the surrounding floors or walls. Purchasers are cautioned that the bottom roller system minimises rather eliminates sag.