Lasercut Products

Sydney Woodworkers has been making Victorian Fretworks and Turnery for heritage homes since 1928, long before they were classified as restoration products. As die hard traditionalists, we endeavour to make most of our restoration range using traditional methods and designs. We use durable Kwila and Cedar for most external products (not pine) but have embraced laser cutting for complicated Fretworks for accuracy and cost. We custom make to any size and design.


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810mm wide x 405mm high x 9mm thick

BW1 breezeway

Breezeway – BW1

BW1 breezeway

Breezeway – BW2

BW1 breezeway

Breezeway – BW3

BW4 breezeway

Breezeway – BW4

BW5 breezeway

Breezeway – BW5

BW6 breezeway

Breezeway – BW6

BW7 breezeway

Breezeway – BW7

BW8 breezeway

Breezeway – BW8

BW9 breezeway

Breezeway – BW9

BW10 breezeway

Breezeway – BW10

BW11 breezeway

Breezeway – BW11

BW12 breezeway

Breezeway – BW12

BW13 breezeway

Breezeway – BW13

BW14 breezeway

Breezeway – BW14

BW16 breezeway

Breezeway – BW16

BW17 breezeway

Breezeway – BW17

BW18 breezeway

Breezeway – BW18

BW19 breezeway

Breezeway – BW19

BW20 breezeway

Breezeway – BW20

BW21 breezeway

Breezeway – BW21

BW22 breezeway

Breezeway – BW22

BW23 breezeway

Breezeway – BW23

BW24 breezeway

Breezeway – BW24

BW25 breezeway

Breezeway – BW25

BW26 breezeway

Breezeway – BW26

BW27 breezeway

Breezeway – BW27

Roof Gable Panels

10mm weathertex. POA according to size.

FP501 roof gable


FP502 roof gable


FP503 roof gable


FP504 roof gable


FP505 roof gable


FP506 roof gable


FP507 roof gable


FP508 roof gable


FP509 roof gable


FP510 roof gable


FP511 roof gable


FP512 roof gable


FV4 roof gable


FV5 roof gable


FV6 roof gable


FV7 roof gable


FP513 roof gable


FV1 roof gable


FV2 roof gable


FV3 roof gable


Ceiling Rosettes

rs1 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS1

rs2 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS2

rs3 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS3

rs4 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS4

rs5 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS5

rs6 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS6

rs7 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS7

rs8 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS8

rs10 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS10

rs11 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS11

Flange Rosette

rs9 ceiling rosette

Ceiling Rosette RS9
Flange Rosette

Ceiling Bollections

ceiling bollection large

Large Ceiling Bollection

External diameter 600mm
Internal diameter 480mm

ceiling bollection medium

Medium Ceiling Bollection

External diameter 450mm
Internal diameter 325mm

ceiling bollection small

Small Ceiling Bollection

External diameter 295mm
Internal diameter 175mm

Paling motifs

FM1 spade paling motif

FM1 – Spade
Paling Motif

FM2 club paling motif

FM2 – Club
Paling Motif

FM3 fleur paling motif

FM3 – Fleur
Paling Motif

FM4 rose paling motif

FM4 – Rose
Paling Motif

FM5 bud paling motif

FM5 – Bud
Paling Motif

FM6 spear paling motif

FM6 – Spear
Paling Motif

FM7 tudor paling motif

FM7 – Tudor
Paling Motif

FM8 gum leaves paling motif

FM8 – Gum Leaves
Paling Motif

FM9 queenslander paling motif

FM9 – Queenslander
Paling Motif

FM10 tulip paling motif

FM10 – Tulip
Paling Motif

FM11 palm paling motif

FM11 – Palm
Paling Motif

FM12 lotus paling motif

FM12 – Lotus
Paling Motif

FM13 golf paling motif

FM13 – Golf
Paling Motif

FM14 batten paling motif

FM14 – Batten
Paling Motif

FM15 leaf paling motif

FM15 – Leaf
Paling Motif

FM16 poinsettia paling motif

FM16 – Poinsettia
Paling Motif

FM17 thistle paling motif

FM17 – Thistle
Paling Motif

FM18 gecko paling motif

FM18 – Gecko
Paling Motif