Custom Timber Garage Doors

Sydney Woodworkers has a unique ability to match your requirements for Doors, Windows, Garage Doors and Gates. We design and produce using a variety of materials including Surian red cedar for its beauty, durability and prestige or N.G. Rosewood to comply with bushfire code requirements.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating, Sydney Woodworkers is a great place to start to make your dreams come true.

sectional garage doors

Sectional Garage Doors

tilting garage doors

Tilting Garage Doors

The First Choice For Automated Garage Doors

We offer the finest quality of design for garage doors for your property safety with style. Not only you can choose from our wide range of designs, but we can also create custom garage doors to meet your requirements.

We also offer a convenient method to get your car in and out of garage with our wide range of electronic locking devices and automation products for automated garage doors.

Sydney Woodworkers is a well established manufacturer, we take pride in providing our customers with a the finest quality of products and services. Our focus is to provide our customers with exceptional quality of service and enhance your property.

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coolum ply garage door

Coolum Ply Garage Doors

This style blends with modern, classic or even tropical designs and can be individualised with different glazing and metal finishes and accented with metal studs to achieve an eye-catching look

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pittwater garage door

Pittwater Garage Doors

This is one of the most popular garage doors in the range. It has a simple, timeless look which enhances and compliments contemporary architectural styles

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heritage garage door

Heritage Garage Doors

We design Heritage style garage doors to compliment Victorian, Georgian and other architectural aesthetics. These may be constructed as sectional garage doors, tiltadoors or conventional joinery as required

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metallic strip garage door

Metallic Strip Garage Doors

This eye catching contemporary door provide security and style. Coordinate this style with your entry door, driveway gates or passage gate to harmonise your presentation

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newport garage door

Newport Garage Doors

Choose from 3 different sized stainless steel inserts and match your entry door
seaport decorator newport decoratorstoku decorators

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air vented garage door

Air Vented Garage Doors

Individually designed to meet your architectural styles, boards can run horizontally or vertically to create eye-catching patterns

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fuseon garage door

Fuseon Garage Doors

Variations using metal composite panels provide design freedom in garage doors using solid colour, copper or aluminium accents or a matrix of panels with timber to give the door a unique appearance

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