French Doors

French doors are characterised by many glass panels or windows that span for the majority of their length. These doors are intended to allow natural light to flow across rooms while also providing an elegant and traditional appearance to the space. The use of glass is a distinguishing element of French doors, which can be a single wide pane or divided into smaller panels separated by wooden or metal muntins.

Timber French Doors

Timber French doors are primarily made of wood, specifically timber. Timber is a popular choice for French doors because of its natural warmth, aesthetic appeal, and versatility.

Timber French doors, whether used as interior doors between rooms or as external doors that open to a garden or patio, provide a timeless and natural appearance that adds to a home’s overall charm and character. They mix functionality with timeless beauty, making them a popular choice for individuals looking for a classic and welcoming ambience.

Sydney Woodworkers has the widest range of stock French Doors and sizes available in Australia. Many of the designs are offered with a selection of pre-primed finishes and glass choices. The range includes our unique Stealshield Door to provide security against intruders and bushfires.

All door prices allow for clear glazing, other glass options are available at additional cost


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