Paddington with Stealshield

paddington with stealshield door main image
paddington with stealshield door

Paddington with Stealshield & Safebreeze

Standard door sizes
With fixed stealshield +
Openable safebreeze ventilation panel
2040 x 820 x 40
2040 x 410 x 40
paddington with stealshield inside view

Paddington with fixed Stealshield + openable Safebreeze ventilation panel

Inside view of Paddington door with Stealshield fixed panel and openable Safebreeze panel.

stealshield info

Sydney Woodworkers Stealshield door

304 s.steel mesh with black polymer coating.
1.5mm apertures and 0.9 strands.
20mm frame exposed
Aluminium frame clamped into timber joinery 18mm

Paddington with Stealshield Door options available – we can also CUSTOMISE YOUR DOOR to any design, variations or size you require. Or pick from our stock variations as shown below. All door prices allow for clear glazing, other glass options are available – see our Glass Glazing Options. Visit our Door Sidelights for more ways to enhance your front entry and choose from Australia’s largest and most innovative Hardware & Accessories to compliment your door/s. Also see our Door Entry Frames Sidelights and Transoms for further options.

Create your own unique, individualised front entrance to showcase your home. You can also match Sydney Woodworkers Gates and Custom made Garage Doors to complete the big picture.

All doors can be supplied with kit frames or factory prehung units, at an additional cost. Our stock cedar entry doors come pre-sealed with clear oil primer compatible with our recommended top coat finishes. White priming available at an additional 10% cost.

All doors are 40mm thick unless otherwise stated.


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